Mastery over musical instruments, raga, jazz and visualization

When asked, Shankar had once told that their learning started with Indian classical music, and they went ahead for other clans of music later. However, the ease of use of both Indian classical and western music, and the depth of exploitation of both to create the Shankar Jaikishani flavour is magnificent and incredible. In fact, Shankar Jaikishan were the first to successfully experiment and blend Western, Arabian, and Latin American music into Indian musical sects.

They also had a rare ability to visualize the movie picturisation to cast the playback music into appropriate mould and frequency. Jaikishan had an unparallel acumen in background music with his best scores being Sangam and Mera Naam Joker; and he was primarily responsible for background scores of Shankar Jaikishan movies till his death. Shankar was also no less in producing background music and his notable score is Sanyasi. Both used to take just three days to complete the background score of a movie.


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  • Shankar and Jaikishan with Ustad Dawood