Comprehensive information about the musical journey of the King composers-duo Shankar and Jaikishan

This website making has been an extended dream. A huge effort has gone into casting music information to online database. Many people have contributed significantly with their encouragement and support during the making of the website.

Please read the objective and effort towards creating this website in a blog post A Website for Shankar Jaikishan Music.

Shankar Jaikishan – Emperors of Music

You may download a readable version of the composers-duo’s biographical information and music database in the form of an e-book Shankar Jaikishan – Emperors of Music.


I acknowledge the effort by Sonu Kumar for reviewing texts and music albums for accuracy and for providing pictures of albums and Shankar Jaikishan personal photos. I am grateful to Dr. Chander Mehta for his invaluable information about his personal interaction with Shankarji and Jaikishanji, and about their music in general. I also acknowledge support and cooperation of Shankar Jaikishan fans like Mr. Sandeep Apte and Mr. Sudarshan Pandey during the making of this website.

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